I see the moment of creation as a threshold. A fertile ground where anything is possible. My work combines an interest in geological processes, cosmologies, and the sense of wonderment I feel in questioning the unknown. I create formless floating worlds that have a seducing, enlightening, and ultimately deceiving presence. Vibrant lusty clusters of candied opulence emphasize the wetness at the beginning of life. Dry folds give way to woozy nests and frenzied organisms while dripping crystalline structures puncture soft unknowable terrains.


Through the process of making I indulge my desire to create an otherworld, one that bubbles, garishly drips, and slips slowly into lavish amalgamations. Through the hybridized geology, spontaneous generation, and the blatant artifice of the worlds I create, I’ve become accustomed to the fact that nature never fully allows you to understand its existence.