Autumn / by Carli Holcomb

In the past week or so, the weather has begun to shift from the height of summer into something slightly darker and deeper. Autumn for me has always been the most mysterious, and therefore creative season. It sneaks in so subtly that today it is here, when yesterday it was not. It announces itself first in the cool nips that tail the late summer breeze, in the quiet mornings when you crave warm coffee, and in the hazy afternoons when you think of dark beer, and crisp golden apples. I'm ready for cool weather, my body is longing for endless hikes on trails lined with leaves wearing every shade of autumn blush. I'm ready for campfires and loose knit sweaters, but mostly I'm ready to slip into my autumn self. 

Ideas seem to come easier in the autumn. I think it is because the colors of the landscape align with the colors I am most drawn to. Everything is more saturated. It is the time of year that I most want to be in the studio. Right now I'm making a series of wearables. Some are brass, others silver, and some have pyrite set in them. They shine under my studio lights, and continuously remind me why I love working with metal. I'm also working on the brass elements that will adorn the cragged surface of a sculpture I am working on. It will be displayed in my storefront window on Madison Avenue in October. 

I hope Autumn brings the same sense of renewal to you. Here is a preview of what is to come.