Quirk Hotel and Gallery Artist in Residence / by Carli Holcomb

Photo Credit: Quirk Gallery

Photo Credit: Quirk Gallery


I am only a month into my residency at Quirk Hotel and Gallery, and I already feel like I never want to leave. My life revolves around the studio morning until night, punctuated only by trips to the nearby coffee shops, visits with friends, and trips to the river. It is the most amazing experience. I live just up the stairs from my studio. I can see the work I accomplished the day before from the kitchen as I make my morning french press.

It has so far been a deeply contemplative experience. I am mulling over everything I accomplished during grad school and attempting to set a road map for my future. I am indulging all of my desires for experimentation in my work. Right now I am trying to problem solve how to grow crystals over the entirety of a 24'' point to point dodecahedron. On my night stand is a book about how to run a lathe, and another about camel trekking in Australia (more on this later!) I have made 16 pendulums on the lathe, and have only a few more rods left. I am excited to see what else will come of my new love, fear, and respect of this amazing tool.

Quirk has been incredibly generous to provide me with such a peaceful place to make my work. In addition to a home and a studio I also have access to a storefront window on Madison Avenue  in which I can display my work. I currently have a large drawing and a piece from my thesis show on display. When the light hits the scattered cubic zirconia just right the entire room glitters. I hope you will check back often to see the work in the window. 

An oh so sweet welcome home gift from Quirk